One question I ask myself all the time is how will my son be when he is an adult ?

  • Will he be independent?
  • How will he manage relationships?
  • Will he have a family of his own?
  • Will he have the same or different challenges?
  • Will he work?

I would like to introduce DAVID SNAPE

David is a fellow blogger and has Autism.

His blog is:

I contacted him and asked if he would write a post about “Adulting with Autism” and the challenges as an adult on the spectrum.

He kindly agreed and I would like to direct you to his post below.

by David Snape

In the post he talks about challenges he faces every day as a grown up on the spectrum.

If you want to read more his blog can be found at :

I hope the post helps you as much as it helped me to understand what it’s like being an adult with Autism.

2 responses to “Life As An Adult With Autism. By David Snape”

  1. David Snape Avatar

    Thank you so much, love it 😊

    1. Donnamarie Avatar

      Your more than welcome. Thank you for writing this post. It helped me to understand a lot more about what to expect with my son. 😊

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