Sand is very Sensory!


Sand ….

Is even more….


BUT Glow in the Dark, Colourful Sand is even better!

Today E### and I are reviewing a product available in major toy stores and also online.

Today we made Glow In The Dark Sand Art and it was so much fun.

Free Printable’s for my readers at the end of this post. I have attached a free Taste Activity Sheet.

Glow In The Dark Sand Art

Sand is amazing for Sensory Play. It helps to develop an awareness of texture and develop fine motor skills. For this reason sand play is particularly beneficial for SEN children.

Today E### and I are reviewing Sand Art Creations.

Available in major toy stores and online this is a really lovely activity to try with your SEN child if they are able and have sensory seeking behaviour like my boy.

Today we are going to show you how to make glow in the dark sand bottles.

You can really use your imagination and make some crazy patterns!.

What you need

  • Colourful Sand
  • Glow in the dark powder
  • Plastic bottles and lids
  • Small funnel
  • Plastic Design Tool to stir the sand

STEP 1: First lay down some newspaper on a hard surface like your kitchen table. Lay out all the materials so you can see what your working with.

I recommend laying your newspaper over a large area. The sand is very fine and it can get quite messy.

Lay out all your items

STEP 2: Using the small funnel provided, start pouring sand of your chosen colour into one of the bottles. This can be very messy especially if your child is like mine and has motor tics and likes to hand flap.

The set comes with different shaped bottles, all with lids.

Ignore the mess and have fun!

Pour your chosen colour into the bottle

E### was able to funnel the sand and stayed really focused. It made a little bit of mess and then he decided to flap the spilt sand around with his hands. During the funnelling process he concentrated really hard and said he enjoyed it.

STEP 3: Pour each layer of your design using a different colour for each layer. Use your imagination to make crazy designs and colour combinations.

Let your child choose how they want to design their bottle. My E### loved using his imagination and it gave him a sense of achievement seeing his finished creation.

The set also includes glow in the dark powder. In between the layers of colour, layer up with some of the powder. When you have finished your bottle you will need to hold it under a light for a few minutes to activate the glow!

Layer with different colours of sand

E### enjoyed the creative aspect of this stage. He enjoyed seeing the pretty colourful layers and he seemed excited that he had created the pattern himself.

STEP 4: Start using the plastic design tool to stir your sand and make some crazy patterns. We stirred the sand but also pushed around the outside of the Sand to make the triangle shapes you can see.

This is a good time to add the remaining glow in the dark powder and stir it into the rest of the sand.

Stir the sand to make crazy patterns

Use the plastic design tool to stir the sand and make some interesting patterns. At this point you should add some glow in the dark sand and mix that up with the rest.

STEP 5: Put the lids tightly on the bottles and admire your designs.

Finished Designs

STEP 6: You have made all your layers, used your design tool, filled up all the bottles , now its time to make them glow in the dark.

Hold your finished bottles under a lamp for about 5 minutes to activate the glow!

Enjoy !

This was the best stage for E###. He got really excited seeing the sand glowing in the dark. He wanted to hold it under the light for longer to see if it glowed brighter.

Click on the above image to link to the product.

I have attached a free taste activity template for my readers at the end of this post. This activity is perfect as it encourages awareness of the senses of taste and smell. It’s also fun for your Sensory Seeker ! Enjoy!

Thank you for reading. We hope you have enjoyed todays activity.

Let me see your designs? The best designs will win a free Sand Art Activity!

E### and I will choose the best design and send the winners a free Sand Art Set and complementary colouring sheets.

You can contact me via the contact form, commenting with your photo or by subscribing to the blog and emailing me your design. Good Luck!

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