So this is a tricky subject for anyone with children without Autism , trying to manage the subject with a child with Autism , can be even more troublesome?

Up until fairly recently, my son and I would share showers together . It’s easier as he needs help with washing and rinsing himself.

The day I decided not to shower with him anymore , was the day he hid his willy between his legs and asked me where his winky had gone ?. Ordinarily this would just be dealt with in a very light hearted manner , however he then decided to tell me “look mummy, now I look like you !”

This was followed by a question about why I don’t have a winky. I explained that boys have them and girls do not . That’s as far as we got on the subject .

I think the final straw was while I was happily rinsing my hair of shampoo , he decided to try and tie my nipple up like the end of one of his balloons. He affectionately refers to my nipples as dummy heads , because I guess they must look like the little bobbly bit that shows up when you have inflated the balloon. Either way the time has come to keep them well hidden from him.

We have yet to approach the subject about the “birds and bees ” as I don’t feel the time is right yet and so far he believes babies are born through feet or belly buttons. I’ll let him hold on to his innocence a little longer , it’s adorable.

He already has had a plethora of girlfriends but he doesn’t really understand what this means other than having a girl run around after him do jobs for him , hang up his coat for him and kiss him loads. He gets that from his dad.

His hand is already permanently attached to his winky . I suspect this is just a typical male thing anyway. The way he twists and pulls it makes my eyes water. I told him once if he didn’t stop it would drop off but that traumatised him far too much as he took it literally , so I had to change my approach .

When I was little my mum used to tell me if I picked my nose my brains would fall out . I’m not with Autism so I could cope with this , although some days it feels like my brain has dropped out somewhere . Just ask my work colleagues.

One day while momentarily unattended in the shower , washing himself , I decided to check on my son , he looked like he was washing himself but I’m not sure , when he saw me he was very proud to announce “mummy look it’s gone really big !” I’m not sure he got that from his dad. Only joking, I haven’t seen it for so long I forgot what it looks like. I get a lot of headaches.

Joking aside, this is a sensitive subject for any parents, let alone parents of children with Autism. When I was very young , I used to think that my dad loved to tickle my mum while they bounced on the bed , until my mum eventually explained what was really going on !.

How do we even begin to explain to our children with autism about the birds and bees.

Why not have a look at the National Autistic Societies website for more information on this. The following link may help

Like I said I have yet to have this conversation with my son but the following links may prove helpful should you decide to once the time is right. Please click on the links to have a read and see if they can help you.

Talking to my friend at work yesterday , she was telling me that when her son was about 9 , they were standing in a queue for the check out at Tesco when her son announced really loudly “Mum , what’s a boner ?”. Now if you knew my friend , you would know she wasn’t easily embarrassed, but she said she was mortified ! Bless him.

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