As busy mums to children with special needs, it is no suprising that many of us get low moods, feel stressed and maybe even get depressed at times. It can be a very lonely and isolated existence. Actually I am going to re phrase that and say it can feel like a lonely and isolated existence. This is no different for mums and dads of neuro typical children however with children that have special needs, its a time consuming and often exhausting job, however also the most rewarding. Lets look at our situations with a glass half full mindset and we will see we are the most blessed people. My son seems to be a happy soul and embrace life with all its ups and downs, and trials and tribulations. He is always happy and smiling and his positive attitude is an inspiration to me. I aspire to be like my son. Hows that for a confession.

Yesterday , he asked me for a 4 foot balloon from the internet. I explained to him that I have no money. His response was that he had some money in his bank account. I then explained to him that he didnt have enough money for the balloon that he wanted. I explained to him that if he did some jobs around the house to help mummy, he would get some more pocket money and then he could save this up and get the balloon he wanted. His response to this was that he will come home from school, help me with some jobs , then I will give him the money he needs for his balloon! That is a positive mindset right there, either that or the work of a very manipulative mind ? Lets be honest, he has me wrapped right round his little finger and he knows it.

Even during an emotional crisis, my son is able to focus on the positives. I,ll ask him is he happy or sad and the majority of the time he will say he’s happy. Even if he has had a boring day, I will ask him are you bored or happy, and his reply will be “I am happy”.

The laws of the universe teach us that what we desire , manifests into our reality and that we actually have, within each of us , the power to create our own reality, based on our thoughts and desires. Children wake up early each morning with an excitement for the day ahead and a zest for life that is beautiful. They have hearts full of desires for the day that usually come true. It is only through our experiences in life and material problems, that as adults, we lose that zest and carefree feeling that our children have. Maybe we all need to be more like our free spirited children, see them as our role models, see the world through their eyes. I try to do that with my son, and my world is a much happier place because of it. They have a desire for life and fun and they focus on that with no exception. They have a desire to be loved . These desires for them, come into fruition because they are not resistant to letting the desires become reality. As adults we become more resistant to realising our dreams and desires, but why ? Why cant we live our lives as carefree as we once did.

My son is very good at making his desires and wishes come true. If he wants a balloon from the internet, he will repeatedly ask me again and again until I say yes. If i say maybe , he will answer “that means no mummy, say yes!”. I dont know if he gets his own way because the universe is giving him what he desires, or if its because he is bossy and mummy is gullible, but whichever it is, the outcome is always the same. He gets what his heart desires.

As we get older, we do have more responsibilites , but it doesn,t mean we cannot enjoy our life and our children. So go and get a football, tennis racket, bike , balloon, crayons or whatever it is that your child enjoys, and have fun together. Try to find the positives in each and every day, because in doing so , more positives will emerge. Happiness really does come from within.

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