“When I was born Mummy, did i come out your feet?”

At the moment i am questioning my sons future and worrying about how he will cope when he is an adult. I am sure this is one of the main concerns of all parents and especially the parents of autistic children. Being an only child myself, i constantly ask myself would my son benefit from having a brother or sister. To be honest i worry , if I have another child , that it will negatively affect the relationship i already have with my son, we are exceptionally close , but i worry about him being alone when i am no longer around. This is what keeps me awake at night and I’m sure a lot of you can relate .

When asking my son his opinion on the matter, he most definately does not want a sibling. “The baby can go and live in a different house” was his response.

“If I have a brother or sister I’ll find a different mummy !” was another.

At this tender age his world revolves around mum and dad, balloons and food . I think he loves me a little more than balloons but it’s a close call . But as he gets older , will he wish he had a brother or sister ? I don’t know the answer. Unfortunately circumstances dictate that it may not be possible to give him a sibling anyway. You know the old body clock , current life situations and not forgetting that I already have a lot on my plate .

This question will probably remain unanswered until the universe reveals to me , what is meant to be . What are your thoughts on the subject of siblings ?

Of course there is the other question of genetics and would another child be ASD also . This is all something to consider.

My son seems in such a hurry to grow up . “Mummy , when I grow big up to the sky , will I pop ?” Bless him .

“Mummy when I’m big I’ll make you a cup of tea ”

“Mummy when I’m big I’m taking you on holiday to Cornwall ”

“When I’m big I’ll protect you Mummy ”

The other day we got into a rather awkward subject of “Mummy when I grow big will my winky be really long ?”Erm ?

Until recently he believed he came out of my feet when he was born . Well I thought babies came out of belly buttons when I was small .

The other day he asked me why I had to go to work . “To make money ” I said. ” You don’t need any money mummy , I have money in my money box “. There we have it , maybe I’m worrying for nothing , maybe it will be him that’s looking after his old mum in the future. 🎈🎈

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